kd or just similiar symptoms?

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kd or just similiar symptoms?

Post by gamom » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:58 am

I can tell this board has awesome people who really want to help others whose children have been diagnosed so Im hoping you all can help me.
My daughter is 2.5, who had hand foot mouth in Late October. Fast forward to this past few weeks...Dec 12-15 Fever but never above 102
Dec 14-19 cough cold diagnosed with upper respiratory
Dec 15 started Zpac for cold
Dec 15-19 Rash all over hands feet(thought antibiotic allergy..we have 3 already she cannot take(
Dec 25-now peeling feet and toes.
Dec 27 vomited once. thought was car sick traveling.

Just don't know what to think. :(

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